Terms and conditions for tuition at the Freie Musikschule Basel

Last updated: April 2009

The school year of the Freie Musikschule Basel consists of two semesters each of about 20 weeks: 1st August – 31st January; 1st February – 31st July.

Timetables for tuition are drawn up in the first week of school after the summer holidays. As a rule no lessons are given during this week. Exceptions may be made by agreement with individual teachers.

Tuition starts at the beginning of a semester and the fees for each semester must be paid in full even if the pupil leaves before the end of the semester (see condition for giving up notice below – Abmeldung).

Applications must be received by the school office at the latest one week before the end of the semester prior to the semester in which tuition begins. Applications will be dealt with in order of receipt. If necessary waiting lists will be drawn up.

Applications for a break in tuition (Urlaubsgesuch) or notice to cease tuition (Abmeldung) must be made in writing to the relevant teacher two months before the end of the semester (31st May or 30th November) using the relevant form. The form can be downloaded from this website or they are available from the school office. In cases where the required notice is not given and the teacher cannot subsequently find another pupil to take the place, the fees for the following semester must be paid.

Holidays are the same as those of the schools of the Canton Basel-Stadt with the exception of the Christmas holidays. These usually begin on 23rd December and last until 5th January inclusive. School begins again on 6th January.

There is no tuition on public holidays.

Lessons that are cancelled by the pupil due to sickness, school trips, school camps or for any other reason will not be made up.

In the case of lesson/s cancelled by a teacher, the first lesson will not be made up. From the second cancelled lesson onwards the lesson/s will either be made up by the relevant teacher, given by a replacement teacher or the school fees will be refunded at a rate of 1/20th of the semester fee per cancelled lesson.

Full lessons last for 50 minutes; three quarter lessons last for 40 minutes and half lessons last for 25 minutes.

The tuition fees are set by the School Association (Verein Freie Musikschule Basel). In cases of financial hardship it may be possible to agree an adjustment of the fees in discussion with a member of the association’s governing body.

Fees invoices are sent out at the beginning of each semester and are payable in two quarterly instalments.